<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>Whirly,

I would not mind having that setup for when things get ugly. The load out from the “Logistics of the Irregular Force Warfighter” were not that different. I’l never have any grenades though. I have a plain chest rig now that I’m keeping 210 rounds loaded in mags. Plus 4 pistol mags @15 each. Body armor is on the things to buy list.

I guess I should have specified.
The low profile gear listed is great for post-shtf but too great for most pre-shtf.
If you’ve ever tried to conceal all that garbage, you know what I mean.
I carry too much junk myself, the hazards of LE work, but even I have cut down what I carry on me daily, but this is pre-shtf. There is only so much you can carry and not be spotted by even the least observant person.

One time entering the jail and disarming, I was compared to Mad Max entering Bartertown. Post-shtf, I can easily see that comparison being made again.