Find a library. Most are marked with those blue marker signs in the US, just like hospitals. Just follow them. Kick your way in if you have to. Libraries are overlooked during a SHTF situation. Look at the big library in New Orleans during Katrina – nobody bothered it, though it held a wealth of knowledge on how to survive, maps, etc..

First place I would hit would be the file cabinets where they keep the big topo maps and US Geological Survey maps of the whole state – or even neighboring states, if they have them. Also maps of the city and county, and maps that detail the water and power grid. Second place I would hit would be the rare book room.. You’d be astounded what they keep in there. Of course, all of this would be for safekeeping… :)

Secondary source would be a university. Don’t know about where you are, but over in Lexington they got UK. On UK’s campus, they have their own print shop and map room. They showed me around one time. Great huge banks of really wide cabinets that held enormous topo maps of Kentucky. If a map existed that dealt with a subject, like ground water, then they printed it. Massive resource. One of these days, I’m going to have to go over there and just order a whole boatload of maps… some of that information is critical.

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