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reading and learning about natural healing and pharmacology of known plant / herb.
because in SHTF scenario health institution more likely will “serving” high priority people such as gov official, staff, military, etc ( we civilian are the bottom of the list, if any medical staff are available )
in post SHTF especially post Nuclear War, big chance are there will be no big health institution.
because lot of hospital, medical staff, pharmacy industry, etc are destroyed or killed by war.
so we must have another plan to take care ourself and family health ( not relying only in big health care institution )
one of example are sugar cane root and stem, are capable to cure diabetes, cardiac, antipiretic ( fever reliever ). contrary to modern use of sugar cane for sugar, which is one of the process are boiling sugar cane stem. final product are sugar which is trigger for diabetes.
another research also revealing about amazing uses of grass
yes you read correctly… grass
especially its root, are using for thousand of year ( in china and asia ) to cure urinary problem