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some keyword ( interesting because this keyword are directing to prepper ):
1. unregistered destructive devices
2. end-of-times plan
3. prepper ( or doomsday prepper )
4. bible
5. making false statements
6. 130-foot flagpole
interesting script :
Winters and the River Otter Preppers “are preparing for an end-of-times event as prophesied by the Book of Revelations in the Bible which he believes will occur in the near future,” the affidavit states, “which will require individuals to rely on themselves for food and protection from other individuals and the federal government.”
hmmm… news want to portray preppers as religious fanatics and “dangerous” for other people ( and gov ) ?
another script :
In 2011, Winters was featured in a Tampa Bay Times story about a 130-foot flagpole he had erected on his 10-acre Valrico homestead
another try to make public perception that “patriot” is a bad guy ?


This sentence are clearly targetting him :
“But the federal warrant cites evidence that Winters was building small explosives, booby-trap devices, and teaching others how to build them too. And that, they say, is what led to today’s raid on Winters’ home along Williams Boulevard”