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( maybe this post more relevant in thread about Bug In city )
Just consider read John Titor story for another possible nuclear war scenario.
He said, the biggest threat for Russia are not in the rural area but in the city.
And Russia will be USA biggest trade partner in post nuclear war. so does china and the rest of the enemy.
They will let us in the Rural area to survive and rebuild this nation in the near distant future.
From strategic military and economic perspective, this is the most logical scenario.
Just imagine this, if we are allied forces who want to annihilate enemy in their own teritory, but also gaining resources from their teritory what we will do ?
yup, we only detonate nuclear in limited target. not 300 miles in the sky that will spray nuclear waste in all of place that will harm anybody because of radiation.
moreover, if we want to cooperate with more “peacefully” partner, and we know for sure their position, then what we will do to them ?
yup, we will not drop a single nuclear destroyer to them, because destroying them means gaining nothing in the future.
There is more interesting perspective in the story of John Titor, from citizen of USA perspective, the biggest enemy are not Russia, China, etc but… “you know who”…
so does the biggest enemy of Russia also not in the rural area.
yup… Russia biggest threat are in the city.
so what John Titor are telling us ?
yup, if we are in the rural area or at least 40-50 km from nearest city and nearest military asset, then we are safe from nuclear blast.
They will let us survive to rebuild this nation and possibly become their potential partner ( economic, spiritual ) in the near distant future.
why ?
maybe because we are more conservative about destructive war. we are not crazy moron which killing innocent people just for fun. we are more peacefull people although we have defensive means to destroy anyone who want to ruin our life or our familiy member life ( we are forced to kill if other defensive means are useless ).
They will let us survive with all our belonging ( including our solar array, electronic equipment, etc ).
after all, who else will rebuilt this nation ?.
From Religious perspective, Russia ( orthodox christianity ) are more similar to common folk in rural area. yup, they who believe in Jesus and God, compared to citizen of city which is more sinfully people. Because of have little faith in God, doesn’t care with their neighbour suffering, commit adultery, etc ( yup they are doing all of prohibition mentioned in Ten Commandement ). So from God’s perspective, nuclear blast are punishment for this people.
especially their leader, which is the biggest threat for humanity because of their wicked deed to innocent people in vietnam, iraq, afganistan, africa, etc.
also you know who threaten us ( common folk ) with their supperior authority and gun ?
yup, you know who…