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Locally we can get bricks of 500 for $25 when they are in stock. Some charge more but that is the most I have paid in the past year an a half. I have been able to get them about half the time I have tried by arriving a few minutes before the store opens in the morning after the delivery truck arrives. Knowing the schedule of your local stores is paramount, then being willing to adjust your schedule to theirs.

Also a good phone relay network is helpful. In the past year or so I have gotten calls from friends who discovered when a shipment had arrived at a local store and I have also passed on this information to friends when I discovered the same. By taking these steps we have all actually increased our stocks during the shortage. We have had .22 available at one store for $50 for a brick most any time.

This has been their regular price for this brand for years, the only thing that changed was limiting the number of brick per day – which ended a few months ago. The regular stores are still limiting purchase to one brick per visit or three boxes of 50 or 100 depending upon the brand. On line .22s have been available for $60 per brick and up (plus shipping) and I have seen them going for much more at gun shows, however, I have seen them sitting there, which would indicate they are priced above what the market will bear. Face it when the price per round gets near 9 cents each you can shoot 9mm reloads for less, something to keep in mind. On the other hand even at 10 cents per .22 through ($50 per 500) an AR-15 (with conversion or dedicated upper) is still cheaper than even reloaded .556 or .223 ammo and an awful lot of fun and very good practice.