Roadracer , what you said , reminds me of the scene in the Godfather movie , when Michael asks about the Cuban rebels , he asked to the effect ” ………..So the army gets paid to fight ? and the rebels do not ? ………..the rebels will win ”
You asked if a country with such shallow values survive ? Yes ! and the reason is , because when reality sets in , we are all animals , and will instinctively kill those that have , so that we may survive . Its one reason why we lost Vietnam , we FAILED to gain the peoples support by unrestrained killing of civilians . Now granted it was almost impossible to determine who was who ………..but none the less , a dirt poor Vietnamese farmer out in a rice patty gets his water buffalo killed by trigger happy Americans ……….you just destroyed his only means of support as well as his only valuable possession , guess what ? You just made a new VC . Americans are very poor at that game , where more ruthless people like the Romans and Russians are better at it . One of our servicemen asked an Afghan prisoner about who was harder to fight , the Americans or the Russians , his answer was the Russians by far .