Best watch it… I can Force Choke you from here.. :)

You know anyone with a bulldozer or a backhoe? A tree can be chopped up in short order with a chainsaw. Even dragged to the side and gotten around. Even burned.

But if you dig up the road and make one gawd-awful hole, well then that should stop all vehicle traffic. Won’t stop foot traffic, though. I went through our little area, just driving around. I found dirt roads that were not on the county map and even one old road that paralleled the river that had been “closed” with a gate you’d find on a cow farm. Real vault of security. Rusty chain and an old padlock. 2 seconds with a pair of bolt cutters and that’s it. Found my way on to the river road from the other end, several miles away and there’s stuff down along that road I doubt anyone has seen or dealt with for generations… an old ferry landing made of stones from the river, the iron stairways folks used to use to board the ferry were all collapsed and rusty. Some pretty cool stuff.

All those roads will have to be shut down if we want to isolate ourselves come SHTF. The old river road, well, a cursory look around led me to believe that the hillside could be brought down to block the road. Other, more established roads would have to be blocked or dug up and tank traps made…

None of this would stop foot traffic, but it would stop vehicle traffic cold… folks get into those thick woods along the river, behind us, and they can get up to all sorts of mischief… not good.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1