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Yes 74 everything related to shooting seems to be going up – if you can actually find what you need. A few years back I stayed at the family home of a friend during a hunting excursion. I noticed the price on some of the powder on the reloading bench. It was under $3.00. At the time powder was going for much more than that. When I mentioned it to my host he said “yeah, I got a good deal when I bought it – in 1968″.

It seems that as soon as the US Congress passed the onerous and unconstitutional Gun laws of 1968 this gentleman bought enough powder, primers and bullets to last his lifetime – for hunting. Well it wasn’t a bad investment, dollar-wise he did better than money in the bank. I pulled out some of my poweder the other day and it had a price tag of $7 and another brand that had a price tag of $15. One of these has more than doubled in value since I purchased it and the other has gone up 60%. In each case I did better than if I had put my money in the bank. Powder, primers and loaded ammo will not go bad so long as you keep it dry and at a stable temperature. I started buying extra primers when I could back when Bill Clinton was president (because he was president). .22 rim-fire also.

I’m glad I did. While I could have made money by selling some of my stores at a nice profit recently, I did not. Except for helping out a few close friends and family I am content to keep the items in stock and keep shooting as much as I like – and keep an eye open for bargains and sales.