I know I’ve said this, but it bears repeating…

Once SHTF, I know that everyone isn’t going to turn into a psychopathic dick and run around starting fires and killing people…. but some will. They always do. They are here amongst us right now – they have always been there, in every society since humans first created civilization..

There are the sheep. There are those who hunt the sheep. And there are those who hunt the hunters.

I don’t entertain any fantasies about surviving what’s coming. If I had to lay odds on it, they would be steep odds. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to roll over and let the psychopaths take everything I’ve worked for and wipe out my family.

@ Leopard,

You are still thinking conventionally. You look at a map and see roads. You think “Oh, what would happen if they closed off the roads?” Don’t think like that. If you want to leave, then you do what you have to. Drive through people’s yards if you have to. Through the park or anywhere you can fit your vehicle. If you have to go on foot, think Over, Under or Around. They blocked the road? Use the sewer system. It should be big enough for an adult human to walk upright in and, if SHTF, then the water will be shut off. Meaning the sewers will be relatively clear. Ain’t gonna lie to you – it’s gonna stink something fierce and be nasty on top of that. But it is a way out. Go down to the local library and find the maps of the city water and sewer systems. They should be there, as they are a matter of public record. Have them make a copy for you and file those away with your street maps. Or, better yet, see if you can create an overlay out of plastic and combine the two.

If you have the cash, buy an old beater diesel vehicle and cache it outside the city, along with extra fuel, etc. It should be mechanically good, but look like a complete piece of crap. Don’t forget to disconnect the battery. Find someone who owns a bit of land with a barn or a storage shed on it. Pay them a rental fee and stash the vehicle there under a thick tarp. If TPTB try to block off the city, then walk out and make it to your vehicle. You don’t even need to license it or insure it… who’s going to care at that point? So long as it runs. Before storing it, I would remove one or two critical parts from the engine so that nobody will steal the vehicle when you’re not around. Carry these with you and install them when you get there.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1