Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Some good stuff so far guys. It’s a good thought provoking exercise, especially when we have others who can help critique our plans/ideas.

So, now we know what we’ll initially do. What happens after the first 3-4 days into the first week or two? Do you guys have some things that you’ll have to start getting done in the first initial days post-EMP? Up your security? Gather up friends or family? Head to a bug out location? See what sort of intel you can gather from your immediate area and farther away? Start planning for some other long term things?

Of course you don’t have to go into detail, OPSEC is still important to many people. Also, I haven’t said anything about hostile people, because that is quite a varying part of the scenario. Some people could be up sh*t creek as soon as the balloon goes up, whereas others may not even have to use their self defence tools (we all hope so). But, it really depends on your area, and if you think that you will be facing that within the first week or two, then include it, and some of the things you’ll do to avoid it, or counter it, or whatever. Again, don’t break your OPSEC if you think you may breach it with some things.

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