A few years ago we decided between friends to each write a short story about a shtf in our countries. Going through it in your mind was a very good experience. Seeing yourself putting things together to leave your house.. or trying to get home.. getting to your children at school..Later looking for water and food. Being tired, hungry, scared. Lack of sleep. Cold at night. Worried about friends and family – not being able to call them.

I only need to look at the news to see how they block road to the airports. They block roads so often – I keep on thinking that the only way to get out will be to leave before shtf or with a helicopter.

And my worse nightmare. Being cornered by men with pangas (machetes). Being raped ..burned with a rubber tyre around your shoulder. The woman also like to through stones and hacking people to death. Strange … all this is already happening in the townships.

When I put something like a compass, map in a bag – I look at the map – I can see myself walking through the mountains. Putting socks in the bag – I hope they will last long. Buying shoes I look at the soles and hope they will not be slippery. Driving to meetings, I look the neighborhoods – the high walls. I do not think a day goes by without me thinking about a shtf scenario. Recently the pipeline to Gauteng was sabotaged – (petrol) gas stolen. We might have a shortage soon.

What do I expect to see in South Africa?

Crime simply spiraling out of control. The police and private security not being able to prevent it anymore. More people simply looting shops and burning down places. Starting with xenophobia as an excuse. The outside world will wait till there is nothing left of the economy and then step in to “restore order”. There might be war between some countries fighting over the Southern tip of Africa. I can’t see that it will be over soon. It might take more than 8 years before things will start calming down. (My prediction – NATO will provide the Malema from BFF party with weapons to start his racist war.)