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I bought some land and plan to set up an orchard of fruit and nut trees here in WV on the banks of a large river. I will also have a large vegetable garden. I am going to build a pole barn to have under roof area to start solar panel construction. This site will be invaluable to me in setting up a 10k watt solar system. I was thinking about solar flare and emp and how it would effect the equipment and thinking that inside my pole barn, I should make a grounded metal box (faraday cage) with spare everything in case my whole setup becomes damaged by a electrical burst. I also plan to construct a wood gasafier to run electrical generator during especially bad weather or to give me time to replace my solar setup from the spare parts I will store safely away. So I am looking at the cost being doubled, but think it would be worth it. It really increases the cost of prepping but money won’t be worth worrying about if the SHTF.