Ooooh yes, I believe you. When I met my husband, he had bought some land from a “friend” he worked with. A nice 5 acres, woods, field, stream. Then I found out the “friend”, who lived next door, had a “black book list” of the people he was going to exact revenge upon, when things went down. NO THANK YOU.

When we decided to sell the property and buy another one far away, the “friend” did many weird things, including heaping all his garbage/trash along the property line and spilling it onto my husband’s. A health issue plus it made the place difficult to sell. Many other things I won’t go into…but thank God we live nowhere near him.

Just look at the videos of “Black Friday” and other similar scenarios. And these are in “good” times–people fighting, trampling, killing each other over TVs and sports shoes.

I have no illusions about the behavior of people when things go down, or they begin to feel the pinch. In Christianity, we call it “the sin nature of mankind”. For a brief while we managed a business for someone–storage units and UHaul truck rentals. My husband– tongue-in-cheek but also seriously– commented that if anyone doubts the fact of “sin nature” just rent out UHaul trucks or storage units for a month. I never knew there were so many ways to cheat… Not creative enough I guess ;)