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74, Remember the money you are talking about is owned by the government not the people. So it would stop making anything at all because the government is not going to give it’s people jobs to make money on them self’s. This is a communist government which take more the 50% ownership of all companies and people.

My wife works in a University in Florida were there are Chinese professors working there, did you know that they send 50% of what they make back to China, and if they do not then they will not be able to go back without going to jail there. The Chinese government controls everything and they will not spend there monies on there own people only they army. They will feed there army.

There is no way for them to make it without the rest of the world, that has been there problem that they do not know how to solve.

The only thing they will do is try to take Taiwan and maybe other countries like the island off Japan since the U. S. is right now not very strong.

China is in need of energy, water and freedoms to let there people invent and own the inventions, private property ownership, private ownership of companies. Without this there people will never just invent for the government.

Communism or Dictatorship have this problem that they can’t product new products because the government wants to own everything so there is no intensive for the people to invent.

This is why you said it best, all car companies are they making cars and selling car to the Chinese but the only car companies that are true Chinese companies are all copies of cars from other countries. The Chinese are the best at copying products but not inventing products.

I personally do not own any Chinese invented products, I own many Chinese product that were invented by companies in the U. S. , Japan, or Europe, but not one Chinese invented product.