I think we have a lot longer than that, like 1-2 days unless you’re in the hood where they use a minor power outage as an opportunity to loot, and even then would probably just steal electronics. The general public is clueless that such a thing could even happen. All people will know right away is that they can’t check their facebook page.

This is the good thing about the EMP. Sheeple will be clueless at first. So most likely bugging out from a city is still possible without too much hassle.

Most likely I won’t be far from home so I will simply walk back (we already live at our BOL). The next step is to organize a meeting with our neighbors and the boss of the village. I will explain what just happened and how severe the situation is. These people are poor and work together for decades to overcome problems so it is pretty likely they will just think about what they have to change now.

Most of them also grew up without electronics and power and have been working the land without anything besides a water buffalo for a good part of their lives so it should not hit them that hard. Everyone grows (at least a part) of their own food as well.

Depending on the reaction in that meeting I either bug out and meet up with other foreigners in the area who work on a permaculture project or stay and try to make myself useful and help to organize the community as good as possible without looking like a smartass.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")