That said I think something big is coming, likely WWIII.

I might be naive or think too positive but don’t you think everyone knows what WWIII would mean? It means if you are one of the guys in China for example who started it or are part of the whole thing your chances of ending up dead just increased A LOT.

Thinking from the Chinese perspective if they would want to start something (which I doubt), if the US could just get a few nuclear strikes done, China would need decades to recover. The US military and nuclear warheads are distributed all around the world. China or any other country isn’t so stupid to mess around with that.

It is much smarter and more elegant to create a toxic environment for the US to let it sink itself. Another big advantage China has is that they run their country like a company. In a few years they will be world leaders in the use of alternative energies. They just enforced a couple of very harsh environmental laws and this time not just for PR purposes. It shows they think long term and that should be the most scary fact about them. Especially for us from western countries in which politicians only think short term and how they can hold onto their power.

These guys mean business and Im really surprised what smart decisions they made in the last 2 years and even more recently. I hope the US comes together soon and somehow (I really don’t see how…) but yeah somehow sorts things out and puts some people in charge who serve the US and not companies they are connected to or simply themselves.

There is lots of criticism about the US and I also think they made a couple of mistakes in the past but that is unavoidable if you are the world police. Regardless, having the US around is much better than having China ruling the world.

If there is a mad guy around who might provoke WWIII its Putin. But even with the Ukraine he has played his cards very well and what looked first like a silly move has turned out to be quite smart.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")