I have kerosene. I bought a big blue 55 gallon drum of kerosene for around $300, delivered. Got a nice hand pump from Tractor Supply to go on top. Thing is, I don’t want to trade any… I will let small amounts go to select neighbors – in trade for things I need. But the regular schmoes don’t get access to that. No way no how.

But, people will still need to light their homes.

No, I don’t have a spinning wheel and no, I haven’t used a loom before… well, technically, that’s not true. I can card loom. I built a nice elaborate card loom and even design my own patterns, spell out words and phrases, make pictures, etc… Card looming is ancient – it predates all other sorts of weaving except fingerweaving – and I got into it during physical rehab. A strap made from wool that’s been card loomed will last centuries if it is taken care of properly. Even if you use a card loomed strap hard, it will still hold up quite well for a long time.

The trick to keeping the threads from tangling and binding is… wait for it… fishing swivels. A fishing swivel will keep the lines from twisting and binding on a card loom. Came up with that one myself. First of its kind, so far as I know.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1