Thing about EMP situations and the US , or any country for that matter …….and I know I’m going to get scolded about it , but in the long run …………..it would be a good thing . Reason is , population would drop , then and only then , would lingering problems get fixed . Sometimes it takes a calamity to get things back on the correct path within a nation , when the way thing are run no longer work , then and only then is that corrected .

Pre EMP – American roads are clogged with cars and freight . Post EMP – Infrastructure is extensively built , with mass transit to all parts of the nation . Trucks are only the local boys taking freight back and forth from the train station , a car is no longer a necessity but rather a luxury ( as it was originally intended ) .

People learn to grow their own food , socialize without an electronic device , things move more slowly because fast is no longer possible . Money is now backed , etc. Through all the suffering the nation would emerge better off than what it was .