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We live fulltime in what was our BOL. When I was looking for a place I set a minimum acreage at 10,and I wanted that to be mostly flat (hard to come by in VT) and mostly open but with some woods so as to be able to supply my own firewood if needed. I wanted the house to be big enough that my kids could come home to live if it comes to that. I wanted the primary heat to be from a woodstove, to be on my own well and have septic. I also wanted another water source on the property and to have neighbors in reasonable proximity for mutual aid if needed. I didn’t want to be on a main drag or next to anything important. My wife wanted reasonable proximity to the conveniences of modern life. The property could not be in a tourist area where there would be lots of useless urban folks coming come TEOTWAWKI. We found a place that met all the criteria but the house needed major maintenance and updating, and the property needed a lot of cleaning up too. It took us 3 1/2 years and far more money than I anticipated spending to renovate the house but we got there. The property had a small apple grove but I’ve planted a number of other fruit trees & shrubs. We added a handpump to the well in case the power goes out, built a greenhouse and put in a quarter acre veggie garden. I bought an apple press to make cider, hard cider, and my own vinegar for canning. My pond was already stocked with brown trout and bullheads. The soil itself is quite good if you ignore the stones being its bottom land in the valley and had been farmed for a couple centuries, up until about 35 years ago. My neighbors have beef cattle, chickens, & sheep and folks here generally have practical skills out of necessity. Friends/neighbors in the more suburban setting we used to live in thought we were out of our minds moving where we did and buying what we did. They can’t see what is coming.