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I’m late to the conversation but here’s my two cents. Yes we have been in a long slow decline which is gradually accelerating There are many who due to the nature of their employment or family fortunes are immune to it but most are being impacted, enough now that folks are taking notice.

That said I think something big is coming, likely WWIII. There are many hotspots around the world which will let loose once it starts, but I see China as starting it, or at least pulling the strings to start it. They are out of clean water, the air is beyond polluted, they cannot feed their people, and their economy is in far worse shape than ours. They need resources and they need a diversion for the populous if the current leaders are to stay in power. China also thinks it is time to realize their destiny. They have long memories of past humiliations and vengeance is a powerful motivator. While their conventional military capability is not on a par with ours, we ignore them at our peril. Their cyberwar and biowar capabilities are what I fear. Take down a substantial part of our grid for more than a few days and we have potential Fukushima’s in many places across the country. WWIII could be very brief.