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I rarely see beggars but on occasion there will be someone standing at the entrance to the grocery store property where there is a traffic light and someone is always going to be the one stopped right next to him. They are usually younger and very scruffy looking with the proverbial “will work for food” sign. I just ignore them.

When I was a kid the beggars were more honest I think. I lived in a blue collar neighborhood where the houses were reasonably close to each other. I don’t know where they came from but every now and then a beggar would come to the door looking for a meal. We didn’t have much but my mother always told them to come around to the back door and she’d fix them a plate of something. They would sit on the back stoop and eat what she gave them,then they’d go. The unwritten rule seemed to be that they’d keep moving and wouldn’t come back to the same house a second time. This was in the 60’s.