This is a no brainer …or should be to anybody that has a computer and does any kind of business on it . CREATE YOUR OWN COPIES OF EVERYTHING !!!!!! especially if you have a Mac , print to .pdf is a native function of that platform …….no excuses there . You have to become an sort of attorney , and “refresh the memory ” of whoever your dealing with if they dispute it . Just Sayin .

For those out there that are on a Mac , its easy as pie , here is what you do .
Open up the document , picture , web page , etc , it will do it on everything > click on File > drop down menu , click on print > printer menu , select .PDF , tell it where you want it to put it , click print = Your Done !

another native feature for screen capture that works on even drag and drop protected images is : at the same time , thit these three keys : Command -Shift-4 ………..then you will have a curser that you size what you want to capture and it does it . Thats why some software companies hate Macs , because they can pirate documents and images , and they cant prevent it lol .