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Robin, If Obama appoints himself a third term that will be the beginning of a civil war. Also Jay the two party system is having problems right now to control the voters. They just voted out Eric Cantor. For the last eight years the two parties have been calling the Tea Party every name in the books but it has not worked. Eric Cantor was the House Majority Leader! We will see what is coming in 2014. I think the Republicans will take the Senate and with the control of the House Obama has a problem. The Tea Party is becoming stronger because it is the only way for the voters to vote out the old guard in the Republican Party.

By losing all control of making new laws Obama may try to appoint himself a Dictator over the country and pass laws by executive order.

When leaders like Eric Cantor stop listening


Cantor’s defeat: I’ve stood in Dave Brat’s shoes and understand his supporters