One thing the DOD loves is plans/studies. In the Navy they are called “OP-Plan’s.” There is one for the Korean Conflict, if it happens again. There is another for Russian invasion of European countries (Cold War carry-over.) For the last 20 years it seems everything (bombs, missiles etc) designators start with the letter “J.” This stands for “Joint” and means it covers more than one arm (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines) of the DOD. This is also true of different types of information systems (JDISS means Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System.)
To me several events made the studies cited by Jay possible:
Africa – In the mid 90’s several Embassies of the United States where blown up and taken over by groups.
Benghazi – Again an Embassy was taken over by a group.

One group the DOD does not understand are the Voters of the US. It does not come under their realm of things so they do not really concern themselves with the subject.

All bets are off if Obama appoints himself a third term!