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I started this topic because I find it remarkable that so many people I have talked to, once they start or have collected/stored the food they feel they will need- 1) pay no attention to it and/or if they have dehydrated or freeze-dried food – they have not ever tried to really cook with it!

Last winter when we had so much snow it was a blessing to have had our deep pantry. With so much thought, time, planning and investment in not just $ but in labor (canning, dehydrating etc) this is an area I have very well organized and check/rotate/maintain on a regular basis.

There is skill involved in using storage food (not simply home canned/store cans) just like there are skills required to cook in cast iron, on a wood stove or over an open fire. Might be something to practice once a week or so for some people. Be surprised now rather than later.