We will get big time into canning very soon. We have quite some extra produce from our garden (just harvested 210kg of Mangoes).

Right now we have big sealed food grade buckets with rice. We have them in different sizes to minimize how often we have to open them. So a smaller bucket is for what we eat on a regular basis and that is refilled from the bigger buckets.

My wife and me are not really into the idea that if there is a total collapse we try to keep living like we have to. I think it is unrealistic and money is spent much better in a different way. I also dont want to eat freeze dried food on a regular basis. It is pretty expensive and fresh food is better. Having some of it makes sense, but having more of it does not make sense for the scenario I prepare mostly for and that is a slow decline.

Because we live in a pretty rural area now part of our food preparations is networking with people around us. The good thing is that this is already very much established because all our neighbors have been doing this for centuries basically.

Need a couple of chicken neighbor XX has them. Need some pig poo as fertilizer go to YY. Need a certain fruit tree DD can get it for you….

We do have a rather big freezer (for European sizes of freezers, I know freezers in the US are usually much bigger) and our solar system keeps it going but this is of course nothing I count on in the long run.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")