From what I understand, canned food can last a very, very long time. So long as the can has not been breached – that is, air has gotten inside – then the food should still be edible. A test would be to press on the lid of the can with your thumb. If the can lid moves up and down or “pops”, then discard the can – it has spoiled. The taste will degrade over time, as will the vitamins and minerals, but it should stay edible for a very long time.

Read about one of the Antarctic expeditions. Ernest Shackelton’s expedition, I believe. They cached a bunch of canned food at McMurdo Station. This food was discovered not long ago, and it was as it was left 100 years ago – undisturbed. A can was selected and opened, its contents analyzed and it was found to be edible. It was then fed to a cat, who suffered no ill effects.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1