Y’all, I know I will catch blowback, but hear me out…

The parallels between the US and ancient Rome grow by the day. In the last days of Rome, they backed off using Romans as soldiers and started using mercs. Hired guns. They treated them like crap and if the mercs got wiped out, well, so what?

If these “contractors” are Blackwater Mercs (call them whatever you want to make yourself feel better. What they are, are mercs.) and are being abandoned by the US government, is this really anything new? You all are surprised by this?

I will withhold my opinion of mercenaries like those employed by Blackwater and other “security contractors”. If Obongo throws them under the bus, well, that’s been happening for over 2000 years… nothing new here.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1