You be trollin’… smartass.. :)

Seriously though, making stuff here at the house beats having to scrounge for it later… or worse, having to go without. Example: I’ve a set of blueprints from the Smithsonian that detail how to make a 6 heddle loom. They blueprinted a loom they have that dates to very early in the 19th century… somewhere around 1810 or thereabouts. Currently, we have beef cattle on our land, but next year we are going to raise Cotswold sheep. Sheep mean wool. Wool means thread/yarn and that means cloth. My boy wants to apprentice with the blacksmith down at the old fort, and I’m all for it. If he shows promise, I told him I would build him his own blacksmith shop, complete with a wee foundry.

Cranking out candles is a far sight easier than fractional distillation of kerosene from coal… being as the nearest coal mine is at least an hour to the east. And how else will you light your home with the power off?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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