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I’ll be the first to admit that I probably use terms such as “capitalism” improperly, and as I said I never finished high school and haven’t studied anything like economics so I guess there might be even more errors in the way I express myself. But when it comes to “beggars” and people in need in general it really doesn’t matter to me, a guy could be a jerk and gamble his house away or live a shitty depressed life and do drugs to feel better in the short run, neglect his bills and be thrown out in the street – I’d still sympathize with him. Sure, he would be a stupid idiot for getting himself into that mess even to me, and I don’t have to agree with his way of living or resort to the same way of earning an income should I find myself in a similar situation. I’ve even almost been there a few years back, and I solved it by other means and on my own without the need of government and loans and whatnot. But I simply just can’t think less of people that aren’t skilled, fortunate, determined or strong enough to make it while the rest of society is still there going on as normal. I don’t know what makes other people tick, what problems they might have, what mental or physical condition they’re in, what they’re going through and so on, so I really feel I can’t judge.

In many ways I have to admit I often feel that the world is too complicated, at times I even think that I’d feel happier in a post-apocalyptic world where stuff I know matters more than economics, politics, media, fashion and whatever. Being able to filter and purify dirty water, turn a needle into a compass or construct a trip wire triggered booby trap simply doesn’t impress people in a world full of bottled mineral water, smartphone compass apps or the ability to simply call the cops if someone tries to break in. This is clearly a very selfish wish (I obviously don’t really wish the world would turn to ash around me, but hopefully you get the point) that contradicts pretty much all I’ve said about being helpful towards the infortunate, since most people wouldn’t be able to handle that. And maybe that’s the point? I don’t fully understand this society so I just try to do my best, follow my heart and instincts and leave the rest for God to decide.

However, thank you for the enlightenment and the lesson in American economy and for telling me the difference between true and crony capitalism. I didn’t know and found your post very informative, well written and interesting. I’ll definately check the vids when I have time.

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4