Thanks for centering me, twee…

I can get caught up in the Minutiae of Doom and Suck on the idiot box…

On the prep front, I bought a 25lb block of beeswax and a 3,000 yard spool of 15-ply flat braided wick to go with the wax melter I created (pro-grade double boilers begin at $800 apiece… like I’m going to pay that for a double boiler…), plus some other odds and ends. When SHTF, I can at least light my house and/or trade these beeswax candles for stuff… I won’t give up an oil lantern or kerosene, but I can sell beeswax candles for one silver pre-64 dime apiece (12 for a silver dollar). Going to pick up a used 2 quart double boiler off of Feebay as a backup so I can still make candles even if the power fails…

Holding steady on food preps, ammo preps. Did buy a couple grocery bags full of med stuff – bandages, burn cream, etc..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1