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I can’t say you’re wrong. You’re realistic, down to earth and I definately can’t argue with evolution, obviously the strong will survive in the long run. Maybe I look at it differently because I feel that I can relate to them, or at least their vulnerable situation but an even bigger reason is probably the fact that I don’t think the politicans have any real power in the first place. I think the democratic system, at least today, is just part of a smoke and mirrors operation to hide the fact that none of us can ever influence the power through the system (voting, proposals, abiding the law and so on). If people think the politicans are on top of the hierchy, and that they can use the given rules to control the politicans through voting, they will not try to rise up, that’s a pretty well known master suppression technique. According to me the politicans and media are just puppets and tools of corporations and banks – the actual source of power in the world today.

I fully agree with you when you say we’re not born “equal”, and that every person must take responsibility for his/her own life by exploring their potential. But according to me, capitalism has gone to far and is now actually preventing alot of people from fully exploring their potential. But we don’t have to sink deeper into any further political discussion here as it might be a little off topic.

I realize these ideas and opinions might make me sound like a hippie. But I’m not living in a fantasy world and I have no delusional thoughts of changing the world or saving less fortunte people or everyone being able to live in peace together, it doesn’t work like that and I’m not chasing after utopia here. I just look at it from a different perspective and I really don’t care if it’s naive or unconstructive. From a survivalist point of view on the other hand, that’s a whole different story – I’d obviously change my priorities, actions and behavior in a SHTF-scenario but since this topic was posted in General I described my view on this during the current circumstances.

Regarding my way with words, I’m actually not that educated, I didn’t finish school (like in senior highschool) and I never went to college. I just enjoy communication and find words and languages very interesting. Like most people in this part of the world I’ve picked up alot from movies and games – so I guess I mostly know curse words and military lingo ;)

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4