You’re an educated guy, at least going by your command of the English language. You’re not stupid. Quite the opposite.

We agree that politicians are the real enemy. I would argue that the personality type that is drawn to politics – to power – is the sociopath. Think about it. A politician does not give a damn about you or your problems. Not really. They will lie smoothly and easily, right to your face, and very convincingly. I’m quite certain that most politicians can pass a lie detector test with flying colors, no matter if they tell the truth or not. Once they lie to you to obtain your vote, and they gain power and position, they do what they want, which was their goal all along. Usually, “doing what they want” is lining their own pockets at the expense of others.

However, I disagree that the “Romani” (as we know them) are in any way “victims” of capitalism. I would even argue that it was capitalism itself – free market competition unrestrained by government meddling – that created the wealth that the Romani exploit. All good things do not flow from Government, and the beating heart of any robust economy is the free market and small business. I would further argue that if the Romani put half the effort into gaining experience learning a trade and working – creating real wealth – than they do in organized begging, they would be vastly better off than they are now… I am surprised that you, who I am assuming expressed a dislike for capitalism, would dislike the very thing that empowers the citizenry and removes the power from the politicians.

I do not believe in “egalitarianism”… that is, forced equality of results. Because it usually comes at the point of a bayonet. Since Government is literally “force”, and is populated by the sociopathic politicians both you and I loathe, then having those sociopaths “force” equality on people is a very good working definition of tyranny.

As fashionable as it is to think so, people are not “equal” in the most literal sense. Inequality is the default setting of the human condition. Some will always be faster, smarter, stronger, more talented, more driven, willing to sacrifice more than others, and it is the height of lunacy to think that evolution somehow stopped at the neck. I think people are born with potential – whatever that might be, and they should be free to explore that potential as far as they can. But they are hardly “equal”. Each individual can only go so far given the talents they are gifted with. Some go very far. Some, hardly at all.

In the words of my old daddy – “Boy? The world needs ditch-diggers, too.” Where the problem comes in is when certain people look at others and covet what the others have. Politicians know that jealousy and envy are powerful emotions and some have made their entire career exploiting these emotions.

Someone plays to their strengths, works hard, succeeds and becomes moderately wealthy. Other people look at that wealth and become jealous and envious without seeing the lifetime of hard work behind it. Then some politician comes along and convinces them that they are “entitled” to what that successful person has, and if he can get enough people to gang up on the successful guy, they will “vote” to take his wealth. Getting 99% of my neighbors to “vote” to steal my stuff is still stealing… and I’m still trying to figure out the moral and ethical justifications someone would have to be able lay claim on anything that is mine.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1