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We have alot of that over here aswell. I have no idea how “beggars” behave outside of Scandinavia, and I’m certain there are criminals and bad guys among “them”, like in any group of people regardless of social status. But the absolute vast majority over here are definately not part of organized crime syndicates. Like I said, I don’t know how it is in other countries so I won’t say you guys have the wrong idea, but this is how it is over here and how I see it.

I’ve always had a thing for exploring the underground and the unknown parts of where I live and I’ve often stumbled across camps with homeless people and “beggars”. Some of them deserted, most of them still in use. They’re often found on deserted lots and in small groves on the outskirts of the industrial areas. They live in patched up tents, wheel-less caravans, shelters constructed from plywood and in abandoned buildings. They build bushcraft-ish fireplaces and other things and they cook in the open outside their caravans and eat their meals together. It’s true that most of them prefer money before food, but I don’t find this very strange at all, I’ll explain why later. It’s also true that they’re often “organized” – not by mobsters in luxury cars but they carpool, use cellphones and they decide what corner each of them is going to sit at and so on.

Before all of this makes sense there’s some things you need to realize. Most of these guys are “illegals”, in this particular case they’re often unemployed and deprived persons of Romanian origin. They’re here to make money, alot of them are not homeless back in their country and many of them have families, they don’t bring their kids here, they’re often with friends or relatives at home. Some of the money is obviously spent on food to survive during their stay here but they keep this to a minimum since the goal is to send or bring back money for bills and food at home. They also need some of it for gas or bus tickets for the return trip.

During the day they’re divided and try to get money at various locations spread across the city, when the night comes they gather and if it’s a long way to their camp they usually have a guy with a minivan come pick them up. The money is split equally since there’s a strong sense of collectiveness within their culture, one of the “piles” is used to buy ingredients for food that they cook and eat together before they go to sleep. This is one of the reasons they don’t want food, they have a plan. They calculated it all and choose to spend as little as possible on cheap ingredients such as onions, beans, rice, potatos, vegetables and so on to avoid spending too much over here. Secondly, there are people out there that actually try to hurt them. We’ve had incidents where mobs have gathered to attack both single individuals and whole camps and there are constant rumors of poisoned food and drinks.

As I’ve written in my Lessons Learned-thread I’ve always been living on the edge of society. During the years I’ve come into contact with more then a few homeless people in many citys. These are people of all ages, backgrounds and origins, some of them have been locals and some of them “illegals”. To me it doesn’t matter at all, to me they’ll always be people and I really believe that the only thing that differs me from them is the fact that I rent a room with four walls and a roof. I don’t always give money, I’m not a naive person and I don’t try to save the world. But according to me, these people are victims of capitalism and politics and to me the politicans are the real parasites. As I stated before, I’m not saying you guys have the wrong idea and I’m not writing all of this to change anyones way of thinking. I just thought I’d contribute since my view differed from the majority.

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4