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Is Obama still President? I thought he was taken out in the last coup. In any case all that comes out of Washington smells like fear and confusion. Neither party does anything except wine to the media. They can’t control this, they can’t control that, every problem generates more problems. Oh btw they lost control of the souther border to coyotes and smugglers. Obama wants what??? Sorry no one is listening anymore. Pardon my east cost perspective. It may be different in Texas. They only want to secede from the U.S. And California and Oregon well they need a few more school shoot-ups to rally the masses. This country isn’t Oz by a long shot. Guns are here to stay. The drug cartels will see to it. Tell that to your weasel politician before he votes on sending money to the pesthole Iraq. The U.S is witnessing an invasion at home. What is Obama going to do about it. Nothing of course! He’s completely useless.