@ matt,

I hear you about those con artists. “Will work for food”? Yeah, right. Friend of mine needed some work done, and being the good soul he is, went downtown (this was in another state) where the bums hung out with their signs… Went up to the first guy and asked “You want a job?” The guy asked “Doing what?” My friend said “Well, you had your chance.” and moved on to the next guy. If you are holding a sign that says “Will work for food”, does it really matter what you’ll be doing? A job – any job – is better than no job. The guy he skipped realized he screwed up and begged my buddy to reconsider. Not a chance, friend. You had your chance, and you blew it.

Second thing would be one of those news shows I saw a couple years ago. They filmed this beggar standing between lanes at an intersection, holding a sign that said he was destitute, homeless, whatever… had his little cup for folks to put money in. He was dressed all raggedy. When he was finished, they followed him. He walked several blocks away, out of sight, and went to a nice car. Not a luxury car or anything fancy, but not a shitbox either. Went to the trunk and changed clothes. Then he drove to a nice house in the suburbs. They knocked on his door and confronted him about him being a phony and a con artist. He was at least honest in his answer – “I can make more money begging than I can at a regular job”. Plus, he doesn’t have to declare the money to the taxman…

I don’t give anyone free money.

@ Selco,

They drug the children so they’re more docile and quiet? That’s disturbing on so many levels. No guarantees that the child belongs to the woman – might be his mother, might not. But drugging an infant so you can use them as a prop to leverage people more efficiently? That’s just evil. I had no idea things were still that bad in your neck of the woods.. no wonder you are prepping. I mean, in a city it’s one thing to have beggars. In the middle of nowhere, like here, to have beggars? Even with all the Free **** our government gives away to the illegals, this guy has to beg?

Beggars were common elsewhere in the world… in Central America, begging was almost a genuine occupation. They’d see you coming – an American (or at least a “gringo”) – and they saw you as a walking cash machine. It was constant – just nonstop. Most times I could ignore them, but I confess it grinds on you to see it all the time…


I ran into some beggars in Germany once – on Köningstrasse in Stuttgart. They sat leaning up against a building with their little cups in front of them… in all honesty, I did not notice them until I was on top of them. I mean, who goes around looking for people sitting around their feet when you’re walking down a sidewalk filled with people? I accidentally kicked this one beggar’s cup with the toe of my boot, sending his money flying. Immediately, I said “Oh my God! I am so sorry!” and started to help pick up his money, putting it back into the cup. I’m actually a pretty nice guy and fairly easy going…

But my mistake, I apologized in English. He started yelling at me in German – it wasn’t “German” German… he was from somewhere else – calling me all sorts of names, yelling that I was stupid, an idiot, etc.

His mistake. I speak German. Okay, I get that he was pissed off that I kicked his cup, but I was trying to help make things right and even considered giving him money out of my pocket for the screw up… but, him calling me names and telling me I was an idiot just infuriated me. (A bit of background – I’m not a small guy. Well over 6 feet, spent my whole life as a soldier, lifting weights, working out, packing on muscle. My son calls me “Stoic The Vast” after Hiccup’s father in “How to Train Your Dragon”. My wife has referred to me as a bear for most of our marriage.. also “Bigfoot” “Wookie” and “Sasquatch” have been used.. )

This dirtbag calling me an idiot because he was stupid enough to leave his cup in the middle of the sidewalk? Even while I was trying to help him? Nope. Not gonna have that, no way.

To cultivate our “command voice”, our trainers had us yell at trees. I drew myself up and just cut loose on this beggar at maximum volume – in German. I won’t repeat what I said here. It was pretty bad. Something about his inbred mother having relations with farm animals. He didn’t expect someone to go off on him. (Neither did my wife.. she had no idea I knew words like that. :) ) Germans are pretty reserved and will just shoot you a dirty look instead of yelling at you. When I was done, I looked around and all the locals had backed up… way up… making a big circle around us. Guess they were trying to get clear of that wrath, and I wasn’t even yelling at them! :) The beggar just sat there, looking up at me with his mouth hanging open… which would have been damn funny if I wasn’t so damn mad…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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