Thanks Prepwolf. I enjoyed reading your Insights. You give us just enough to get our imagination rolling. (Maybe one day, you can write a book with all the details – when its safe)

Very small percentage of the feeling – long time ago, traveling through a new country, where very little people spoke English, with just my backpack, I landed up lost in a city one night. The hotel with whom I made a booking in advance said I arrived to late – fully booked – flight was delayed. It wasn’t fun.

Bad things can happen everyday. And everyday people need to make decisions how to react to situations. You are late for important meeting. You can not drive through a bad neighborhood to shorten your route – do not make it worse. Or someone got in an accident – don’t make it worse by driving to fast yourself trying to reach them. Try to make good decisions everyday.

If life hits you down – get up- make it better. Somehow you need to ‘fight’ and keep on fighting – even if its against ourselves.

I pray often that my young son will never experience hunger or cold ..violence. I hope life will treat our young people with the freedom they deserve. They need to feel safe and loved..respected.