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Grab my bag from the car and start hoofing it to home. I then retrieve my little one from school via bicycle. The wife will have to hoof it home as well.

Once everyone has rallied at home (hopefully) we hunker down and focus on food, water, shelter. I may break out the range cards and sandbags for my windows at that point and start getting everybody moved in to the basement. This house is far from ballistic rated.

freedom said: I know 90% of the people out there do not know what is happening so you have 3 to 4 hours before all hell starts

I think we have a lot longer than that, like 1-2 days unless you’re in the hood where they use a minor power outage as an opportunity to loot, and even then would probably just steal electronics. The general public is clueless that such a thing could even happen. All people will know right away is that they can’t check their facebook page.