Limit ammo, would that be assembled ammo or ammo I haven’t finished yet?

Honestly, I have little worry about any limit. They have to prove I have more than some arbitrary limit. And what if its not stored where I live? Some cache somewhere could contain countless rounds never to be found or declared. And even if some limit is passed, prove I have more than X rounds, prove that I didn’t just go shoot all that ammo up at the range getting ready for hunting season.

Limits only limit the law abiding, same as speed limits.

The late Ted Kennedy was a long time promoter of ammo taxes and limits, thankfully he is no more. But his ideas live on in people like Zero, Feinswine, and the rest of the ignorant.

With so much already out there, the chances of this flying are astronomical.

And then are they going to limit what the feddies are carrying?
I can see gathering several hundred rounds with the expenditure of a single round. Be it a .22 round or a .338WM, dispensed properly, there will be no return fire or evidence.

Another source, many police officers don’t take the rifle/shotgun out of the car at night. If they do, there’s often ammo still in the car as well as more stuff. I’ve seem a number of unmarked cars hit while parked in the driveway, rifles, handguns, raid jackets and more taken.