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My bug out bag in my car would be the first thing I would get. I have a bottle of water and some energy bars. A change of shoes, knife and other weapons in my bag. I would start walking home since I know 90% of the people out there do not know what is happening so you have 3 to 4 hours before all hell starts.

Do not try to start explaining to everyone what just happen, just go home. If asked just say you do not know and keep going home.

Once you get home first turn on the water to see if it is still working and if it is fill all containers, glasses anything that can hold water. By now you should have food stored but you will always need more water. After you have filled everything start securing your home as if it is an EMP you already know it maybe a very long time before the electricity comes back.

I hope this same plan has been told to every member of your family so if they are at work or on the road they are now home or walking home to help you with all the planning.

Now is the time to take out all of your supplies for cooking and lighting. Remember that lights are to be used ONLY the first two to three days. After that be careful not to attract criminals that want your stocks.

So that is my plan.