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Thanks for the replies. I agree with you, especially the last post by elijah. I also appreciate the suggestion of handling it without lying. You’ve got him pegged – he’s from Brazil, so there’s some catholic influence still there, apparently. They see their spiritual leaders (priests) as more authoritative and intermediary. They also seem to think little of women. He does interfere in people’s lives, even went to one woman’s house to tell her to not let her children listen to one friend of theirs who has some wrong beliefs. Once he spent an entire hour trying to talk me out of having any interest in what’s going on in the world in the area of politics. I was ready for him that time, because I could feel it coming, and won the argument, for once (probably due to his wife praying during the discussion as she disclosed to me later). He actually said he just wanted me to have a happy life “cleaning the house.” Based on my studies of psychology, I believe he is bi-polar, never depressed but often manic without the psychosis. You can’t imagine the run-ins I’ve had with this man, as I am a reasonably intelligent woman and very opinionated (in a good way, I hope). The problem is, we are Messianic Believers who worship on Saturday, and there are no other churches like this in town.