<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>BobbyD wrote:</div>elijah<br>
Apparently you think that Heaven does not speak to preparedness today?<br>
Why the separation?

Bobby, as you already know, there is another specific thread that is devoted to what you have been talking about; this thread here is for a different purpose.

This thread is about what the Bible says about prepping, and things related to that. Posts related to new revelations from heaven or Mary belong in the other thread. These two subjects are not the same discussion and do not cross over, and I believe they should be kept separate.

Your subject generated a lot of discussion, and I found that discussion was swamping the original purpose of this thread and had taken over. In order to preserve the purpose of this thread I separated the two subjects for the convenience of all.

There is also a need for separation to prevent people from bumping heads in arguments about who is right. Not everyone who believes the Bible believes or accepts what you are reporting about Mary, and not everyone wants to read what you have been reporting while they are trying to discuss biblical issues; truly, these two subjects do not belong in the same thread any more than a discussion about vegetable growing belongs in the guns thread.

Please respect the Moderator’s decision and not post about new revelations here, but place them in the other thread.

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