Bug, I agree with what 74 has said above. Your pastor doesn’t sound like the sort of person you should continue to talk to about prepping issues, or (I suspect) anything else. It sounds to me that you have a pastor who thinks, because he is the pastor, he can meddle in the lives of people in the church and tell them what they should do.

I believe in the biblical teaching of “the priesthood of all believers”, which means that every person saved by Christ alone from damnation and born of the Holy Spirit is a priest and has a direct access and responsibility to Jehovah through our High Priest Jesus Christ, and such a person has no need for any intermediate clergy person to direct them. A pastor, being a shepherd, should concern himself with teaching the Scriptures and the physical and spiritual well-being of the people in his care. He’s not a Boss to tell anyone what to do, and your report of what he has said sounds to me like he is stubborn and can’t bear the idea that he might be wrong once he’s stated his opinion. It’s not his place to accuse you of “trying to justify yourself” when you out-argue him with Scripture. He seems to lack humility. Unless he can show you have taken Scriptures out of context, then the Scriptures say you’re right and he’s wrong.

You can deflect him into thinking the matter is settled,** since your prepping is not any of his business and he is an operational security risk as long as he thinks you may have some preps.

** “I see your point [true] and I don’t think I need to pursue this prepping business any further” [ie, not need to pursue it with him; also true].

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