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My pastor has tried to talk me out of prepping, saying it’s fear-based. He says I’m living in fear, although I gave him a printout of a blog post wherein I explained my position with relevant scriptures. He thinks that I was just “trying to justify myself.” He said God will provide and proclaims loudly, “GOD is my provider.” I’ve told him that’s one way He provides for us, letting us know ahead of time what will happen so we can be ready. I gave him the example of Joseph and he said God told him to do that (saving grain) – did he tell me to? I told him it was just common sense, and he says we shouldn’t do anything unless God tells us to. There are many arguments I could use there, like scripture doesn’t say that God told him to prepare, He just told him what was going to happen and he used his common sense to do something about it. I’ve given up arguing with him though because he’s the type of person who will always win no matter what.

Even if we don’t have to do anything but sit out in the front yard and let God drop food in our mouths (like that is going to happen – even when He dropped manna, people had to go out and gather it, and it was considered work that they couldn’t do on the sabbath) what about everyone else whose prayers will go unanswered because of sin in their lives? Does he not care about them? These things are going to affect us in some way, at least in watching our friends and relatives suffer.