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The ‘less concrete’ skills?

1) Developing/honing organizational mindset skills. Creating order out of chaos. Ability to prioritize and set goals and shift them as needed, and quickly.

2) Knowing yourself well, now, before SHTF. Your strengths and weaknesses – look them in the face. Get to know your own bare minimums, stripped down. Listen to your body, really get to know what it is telling you. Start fasting 4/5 days every month – good for you and reminds you what it is like not to eat regularly. Practice austerity now. Learn to embrace it not rail against it. Watch your reactions and learn from them.

3) Learn how to delegate well and effectively. Learn how to deal with all sorts of people you would normally not choose to associate with. People watch. Observe and learn. It is a skill and an art and will be needed.

4) Develop your observation skills. Work at it deliberately. Learn to know what it going on around you at all times without even thinking about it. Develop the skill of seeing patterns and rhythms of things around you; so you automatically sense when something is out of whack. ‘Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson’

Concrete skills?

1) How to sharpen anything. Dull tools don’t work and make some jobs next to impossible.

2) How to organize work so it is as streamlined and efficient as possible. Always be looking for a better/easier way to do something to save your time, energy and body

3) How to interact with and handle a variety of animals/wildlife. Get to know them and their habits and habitats.

That’s off the top of my head FWIW