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Hi Malgus, Without wanting to be pedantic.. the tool is a Mattock. Mattox is someones name. I am a fan of them too.. and I once bought a whole box of mattocks with the “axe” cut off. To make heavy hoes without the extra weight of the axe. Not a bad idea I guess.. but I have used the root chopping power of my mattock to great effect. I would hate to have to use a good axe to chop roots. ( Just in case someone wants to get the right tool).
I have a big collection of old tool heads.. mattock heads picks etc. you can get them cheap at farm sales. A new handle is expensive… One day I hope to make my own.
We have a quince tree which is one of the “survivors”. Has a huge crop with no care. This year we have a huge crop of persimmons ( nashi in Japan)… which are also easy to grow. In this case we have a row of seedling trees, as well as a grafted seedless tree. Huge crop.. no care.
I do recommend the “heritage” trees too. Only the green “granny smith” apple has survived and done well, so I planted a couple of varieties that came from “roadside” trees. Tough and nutritious.
You would also envy my soil. Volcanic ash.. free draining and friable.. easy to dig, all the way down. I have in the past had rocky land, and clay soil.. so I really appreciate what I have now. It is perfect for growing trees as it allows deep free root run.