@ Novus

Glad to be able to make you laugh… :) My son and I drove the 30+ miles to town so we could hit the beekeeping supply house. No, we don’t raise honey bees… yet. I was there to buy bulk wax. Only $6.75 a pound for yellow. $7.10 for white. 25 pound blocks. They had literally EVERYTHING needed for raising honey bees and all the peripheral industries associated with it (honey wine, Viking honey mead, candlemaking, lip balm, soap making, etc). The point of this rambling mess is that we had an epic laugh session going on all the way up. One funny thing happened, and I commented on it. My son played off my comment and came up with some epic snark… which I played off of, etc. I was laughing so hard, I was crying and my son had to grab the wheel to keep us on the road… some of it was kind of offensive (we don’t discriminate… we target everyone. Including ourselves.) so I won’t repeat all of it here, but the following was mentioned…

“Yeah, I would like a Baconator sammich. Extra bacon, with bacon on the side, served in a bowl made of bacon. Just pour the pig fat in a glass. I’ll drink that. And an order of grilled-cheese flavored ice cream…”

“…I want love handles for my neck fat…”

“Diet bacon and tofacon (tofu bacon)”.

“Day 502 of our captivity. Our masters have once again used The Brick of Power, so escape is impossible…”

“30 ants trying to carry a green Froot Loop.”

Trust me… if you would have been there… it’s aaaaaalll about the funny.

@ Kiwi

I’m jealous. Wishing we had the weather for oranges and good citrus. We don’t. Apples, most nuts, plums, pears, etc, yeah sure. But not oranges or grapefruits… and I love both. Also bananas and mangoes, but that ain’t gonna happen either.

We buy from Trees of Antiquity in California. They sell grafted saplings. Only very old strains of trees. No goofy new breeds. I think they sell a type of fruit tree that dates back to antiquity… couple thousand years, easy. Quinces? Yeah, quinces. I hear it makes good jelly and jam, but not so much for eating plain…

Next up is a genuine American Chestnut tree. The blight wiped out 99.5% of all the American Chestnut trees in North America about 60 or 70 years ago. Damn shame. We’re lucky enough to have one ancient old Chestnut resist the blight here in Kentucky. It’s on the national register. Going to make a pilgrimage to visit it and see if we can beg/borrow/steal/buy either a seedling, a sapling or some chestnuts we can try to grow ourselves… I want an American Chestnut on this property. I know I will never live to see it mature into a gigantic old grande dame of the forest, but that’s okay. You don’t plant trees for yourself, anyways…

If we succeed, then my wish is to be buried under that Chestnut tree when I finally get closed out. I got a spot all picked out. Nice view.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1