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Tsar – from an old “school of hard knocks” vice college military guy, the posters hit on two things I’d concentrate on if I were you.

One – meeting and hanging out with people of similar thoughts. Be careful, there may not be many out there and if you blatantly spout some of the musings on here you’ll be branded a crazy loon and possible gun nut…not somewhere you want to be. Keep it down low, but use engaging conversation. Just having a different view than the typical college professor lefty norm, you’ll attract those who also disagree. Once you find a few of those, then hone in on specifics. Use current events – “Man, what would we do if that hurricane hit here?” and you’ll see how far they’ve thought about and/or completed some preps. If they’re open, you can go further.

Two – learning from any and all sources including this site. You don’t have to go “survivalist” – just learn normal “camping” and such first. Outside and Backpacker mags are a good source if you don’t know that stuff and the nearby REI fits right in with a college town, but can provide much needed items (kept very small for backpacking) that can be stored in your dorm or small apartment and just appears your an “outdoorsy” guy. The library would also be a good source for free info.

Many items for your dorm for bug-in scenarios can be collected at local thrift shops for pennies on the dollar – oil lamps, cheap winter clothes, candles, etc. A cheap truck with a camper shell can provide a SHTF location for not only storage, but also a place to crash while on the road out. A sheet of plywood and a couple 2×4’s can make a platform for sleeping (for two) with storage underneath that stays out of sight and less likely for theft.

Hang in there – like undeRGRond said, we need clear thinkers like you to stick around. Remember, there are writings out there that show there may have been only 3% of the colonists actively fighting against the King of England’s forces. 3%! Let that sink in a bit.

If you want to shake up the college scene I’m sure that Fox News would take any video’s of professors spewing leftist garbage and denigrating anything of a differing view. You don’t have to take a bad grade – just submit the vid anonymously. The more of those close minded tenured we can get out, the better the education system will be.

Great advice from all the posters – hope this adda a bit to it. Proud of you for coming out and asking – too many don’t and learn the hard way. Don’t worry about the number of topics, it’s all good. We’re all glad to assist when asked or you wouldn’t have gotten this response.

Come back with any specific questions. K

Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
- Thomas Paine