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We did not have war back in 1991-1992 during the collapse of the USSR. Modern Ukraine, as we know it, was created by local commies and KGB-ists as their resort and enriching playground. And they did absolutely nothing to secure eastern border with Russia and to unify this pseudo-country. Earlier or later payment and solution were coming. It was a fake of a State, which is falling apart eventually, 23 years after.

On the other hand, Russians are much, much more cruel in dealing with their own separatists.

According to the most conservative estimates, Russians murdered at least 20,000 civilians during 1st and 25,000 during 2nd Chechen war.

“Nazi” government from Kyiv looks very humanitarian in comparison.

P.S. Curiously, those “Nazi” from Ukrainian government, including President-elect, are mostly Ashkenazim Jews and half-Jews, for whatever reason… Maybe, because their IQ is higher, don’t have any other explanation :-)